• A Framework for Verifying Depth-First Search Algorithms (PDF)
    Peter Lammich and René Neumann, CPP 2015
  • Verified Efficient Implementation of Gabow's Strongly Connected Components Algorithm (PDF)
    Peter Lammich, ITP 2014
  • Using Promela in a Fully Verified Executable LTL Model Checker (PDF)
    René Neumann, VSTTE 2014
  • The CAVA Automata Library (PDF)
    Peter Lammich, Isabelle Workshop 2014
  • A Fully Verified Executable LTL Model Checker (PDF)
    Javier Esparza, Peter Lammich, René Neumann, Tobias Nipkow, Alexander Schimpf, and Jan-Georg Smaus,
    CAV 2013
  • Automatic Data Refinement (PDF)
    Peter Lammich, ITP 2013
  • Applying Data Refinement for Monadic Programs to Hopcroft's Algorithm (PDF)
    Peter Lammich and Thomas Tuerk, ITP 2012
  • A Framework for Verified Depth-First Algorithms (PDF)
    René Neumann, Workshop on Automated Theory exploration (ATX 2012)

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